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Welcoming a Cria!

On June 28, Gretta Garbo gave birth to a healthy baby boy! They are enjoying getting to know each other, and the wee one is getting stronger and bigger every day. We still haven’t named the little guy – we’re getting a feel for his personality and that sort of thing first. But he sure […]

Alpaca Snow Day

We haven’t been having the most wintery winter ever here at Breezy Hill.  It has been cold, sure, but we haven’t really had substantial, pretty snowfall.  Until now!  And boy do our alpacas love this snowy weather.  They were out and about most of the day, enjoying the sunshine and the snow, playing and just […]

Shearing Day, 2017!

Back in April at Breezy Hill we had shearing day!  With our herd of about 40 alpacas, it was quite a project to get them all rounded up to the shearing shed and then trimmed up for summer.  Fortunately, we had great shearers (from Shear Perfection Farm, in Windsor, PA), who do good work quickly, and […]

A Cute and Fluffy New Arrival!

We are delighted to announce the birth of a baby girl at Breezy Hill! Her mama is blue ribbon winner Dream Possession, and blue ribbon winner and champion sire Fast and Furious is her pops. you can tell just by looking at her that she is a pretty incredible little alpaca. Her mother, and sister […]

Alpaca History, Part 2

Though the alpaca population was all but wiped out when the Spanish invaded the Incan Empire, the alpacas made a comeback during the 1800’s. Specifically, in 1834, an Englishman by the name of Sir Titus Salt discovered some alpaca fleece in a warehouse. Since he already owned several textile mills, he began to test the […]

Alpaca History, Part 1

Alpacas, which have been domesticated for thousands of years, have provided countless uses for their owners, worldwide. Though they are often mistaken for llamas or camels, alpacas are a distinct species with their own history and uses. However, it was not until 2001 that the alpaca was officially granted a different genus classification from a […]

Summer Update from Breezy Hill

Breezy Hill has had a busy summer this year! With so many gorgeous alpaca, sheep, and goat fleeces from Spring shearing, we decided it was finally time to start our workshop project.So, we temporarily closed our onsite boutique for expansion to include 70 additional square feet of retail space and a fiber workshop. We are […]

Breezy Hill Knit & Crochet Club Begins!

Our visitors requested, and we delivered with the start of our very own club for fiber enthusiasts. This group is open to any and all people who are interested in fiber arts like knitting, crocheting, and spinning. We have had 2 meetings at our farm (September & October) and have been thrilled with the turnout. […]

New Cria – Welcome Kanella!

A star is born! We are thrilled to announce the arrival of our beautiful, doe-eyed Kanella! She was born on October 8 and is quite the beauty. She was a healthy 15 pounds with a very high IgG level – very healthy and ready to get up and go. Kanella (greek for Cinnamon) has the […]