Alpaca Snow Day

We haven’t been having the most wintery winter ever here at Breezy Hill.  It has been cold, sure, but we haven’t really had substantial, pretty snowfall.  Until now!  And boy do our alpacas love this snowy weather.  They were out and about most of the day, enjoying the sunshine and the snow, playing and just generally being cute.  See for yourself!

Touring the grounds.
Things seem fine by the shelters…
The smile of the line-leader!

And then there’s this goofball . . .

Um, Vino? You got a little something on your nose…

It’s hard to be annoyed with snow when the alpacas are so cute and happy in it. Even in the winter, we’re open for tours on the weekends, 10:00-4:00. Get in touch to schedule a visit!

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