New Arrivals Up the Cuteness Factor

New Cria Alert!

In the past few weeks we have had the true delight of welcoming some new cria (baby alpacas) into the herd.  We have a new little Suri and a Huacaya, with another on the way any day now.   We haven’t named them yet – we want to wait and get to know them first!  But golly they are precious.

Here’s our new little Suri girl:

new Suri cria

Here she is, still VERY new.

new Suri cria with mama

And here she is in the pasture, enjoying the day.











It’s amazing how quickly they’re ready to be out and about!

Our little Huyacaya is so brown and fluffy we almost can’t deal with it.

new huacaya cria and mama

Mama and baby giving good face for the camera.


This little cutie is still a fairly skittish, so we don’t have a great close-up yet, but you’ll just have to trust us when we say the little fluffer is totally adorable.  We love how proud mama is striking a pose for the camera!

It’s a good thing these babies are born ready for winter!  Crisp autumn nights decided to arrive at last, so the fluffiness is both cute and functional.  Good job, nature!

Be sure to stop by and meet the newest members of the family – we’d all love to see you!  Tours are available by appointment each weekend.

You Know What’s Cute? Crias!

We have a few new faces here at Breezy Hill Farm, and we couldn’t be happier about it.  The crias and their mamas all are healthy and doing fine.  Also they are cute.

First up we have Kronos.

We named him after the Greek god of time because he ignored the calendar and arrived a whopping SEVENTEEN DAYS LATE.  Maybe he was just waiting for Mother’s Day, because it seemed appropriate.  He was born to our beautiful Rhapsody, who no doubt was thrilled when he finally arrived!  He’s a big and funny young one – you’ll probably be seeing more of him before too long.


Next up we have a very new cria, just born yesterday (June 8): the cute, fluffy Eros.

He is our first Suri cria, and we are delighted to welcome him to the farm. He’s a cutie, and we anticipate that he will be quite photogenic.  His mother, Faith, thinks he is perfect.


They are both so fluffy and wonderful – you should probably stop by for a visit and see for yourself!

A Star is Born!!!

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of our beautiful, doe-eyed Kanella! She was born on October 8 and is quite the beauty. She was a healthy 15 pounds with a very high IgG level – very healthy and ready to get up and go. Kanella (greek for Cinnamon) has the sweetest face and very crimpy fiber. With genetics including champions Bueno, Challenger, Cordero and PPPeruvian King, we are sure she will be one to watch on the 2013 show circuit! Stop on by for visit to the farm to marvel at this gorgeous girl!

News Flash!! New Cria!! June 13th Prince of Persia was born

We are so excited at the birth of a new cria on our farm – a gorgeous dark brown boy, Prince of Persia. His dam is the lovely multi-champion Fortuna and his sire the striking Ringo. This boy was a whopping 21 pounds at birth and was up walking around in the first 30 minutes! He is a playful boy, already full of dense, gorgeous fiber. We can’t wait to add him to our show string. Stop by to visit this handsome boy!