Our Alpacas







You might be able to tell that this early photo of some of our very first alpacas is the inspiration for our farm logo.  These sweet animals are so easy to fall in love with – just look at those faces!







And, of course, once we got bitten by the alpaca bug, we couldn’t help but expand our herd.  We’ve worked hard to develop and maintain excellent genetics for our animals, and are proud of the way the herd’s family tree is growing and branching out.

alpaca cria





This little fella is Kronos.  Well, he’s not this little anymore.  We are sad to say that he was orphaned not long after this photo was taken, but he is doing very well thanks to his skill in convincing others mamas to let him nurse.  Alex wants to rename him Milk Thief, but we’re sticking with Kronos.






Speaking of crias…

alpaca cria




This boy was an “oops!” baby – a gate got left open, and Andriani ended up pregnant before we even knew what happened!  Fortunately, everything went well, and we ended up with a pretty adorable guy named Mysterios.