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The Alpaca Farm Maryland Loves

Why start an alpaca farm? Raising alpacas grew from our family’s desire to live at a more natural pace, closer to the land. Sitting atop what is, in fact, a breezy hill, is the little jewel we instantly fell in love with and chose to make our home.  The wide open spaces of the Maryland countryside offer the peacefulness of rolling hills and woodlands, family-owned farms, and abundant fresh air… ideal for our alpaca farm.

Our menagerie of animals includes not only a champion bloodline herd of nearly 50 alpacas, but also exotic chickens, peacocks, and goats.  We and our children provide daily hands-on care for these animals. They also benefit from having wide-open space to roam free and enjoy healthy, happy lives. Our family-oriented approach has consistently rewarded us with strong, prize-winning alpacas and a more enjoyable way of life.



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Our alpaca farm provides our family with great joy and contentment.  We want to share the fulfilling lifestyle of alpaca ranching with others – whether through visits to the farm and hands-on activities, or through our all-natural alpaca fiber and clothing products. Just browse around our site or come on out for a visit. Our online store and onsite farm boutique will house exquisite yarns and handmade clothing from our alpacas.

If you’ve been wondering whether there’s a fun outing for the whole family near you, wonder no further! We’d love to have you, so arrange a visit to our farm today. We’re conveniently located in Woodbine, Maryland – just west of Baltimore and north of Washington. The farm is within an easy hour’s drive from either metropolitan center. A nearby 260-acre pick-your-own farm provides additional opportunities for you and your family to unwind in the countryside. Leave the hustle & bustle of city life for a day, and come see us at Breezy Hill, the alpaca farm Maryland families adore!

Breezy Hill Farm
2820 Woodbine Rd
Woodbine, MD 21797
(410) 489-5802

Or email us at breezyhillalpacas@gmail.com