5 Reasons Alpaca Fur is Superior to Other Clothing Fibers

Why alpaca wear is better than other clothing fibers

Alpaca wear has a long and venerable history. The first record of Alpacas was in the Andean mountains. Alpacas were perfect for producing a fiber suitable for protecting these people from their extreme climate. Alpaca fiber is similar to wool and known for its beauty, lustre, warmth, and stain resistance. It is comparable to cashmere in beauty and thermal properties but can be spun to look like fur or tweed. Alpaca wear is not only beautiful but also longer wearing than almost any other fiber.

Some of its benefits are mentioned below:

1. It’s Natural

The quality of the wool is determined by its growth, scales, length, and diameter. This makes it different from fur. Its elastic properties make it easy to work with and blend with other wool and other natural or synthetic fibers. The process of obtaining the wool from the producing animals varies, with the quickest, most common and painless method being the shearing of sheep.

2. Non-allergic and resistant to fire

With the many highly processed products in the market today, only wool stands out as purely natural. This makes it very safe, especially for newborn babies who are still very sensitive to the environment. This product causes no skin irritation or reactions and hence is best for the whole family. This has been a problem when it comes to manmade synthetic fibers, which have undergone plenty of chemical treatments and processing. Wool has a very high ignition threshold and does not drip or melt. Hence it is very safe in all circumstances, especially in bedding and sleepwear for children.

3. Moisture Absorption

The hollow characteristic of wool fiber makes it hydrophilic; it absorbs water, a very large amount of water. It can absorb almost a third of its weight before being saturated, thereby keeping the wearer dry even in wet weather for some time. These properties allow it to retain its shape as long as proper care is taken as directed by the garment manufacturer.

4. Heat Retention

This is the most sought-after property in wool. Alpaca is very good at retaining heat and trapping air in so as to keep the wearer warm throughout. Heat retention is also a characteristic of fur, but fur is bulky. This light-weight heat retention property is what makes wool a preferred fiber for warm clothing like scarves, sleeping garments, hats, and coats in a cold climate.

5. Versatility

Due to this characteristic, wool can be blended or incorporated into many different products. It can be used for clothing for newborns, long coats, and general garments like men’s suits. Wool is a very fashionable fiber and defines what class is all about. It has been used in almost every type of clothing from business suits to sportswear, to blazers, to fleeces, and across all age groups. It has been recognized as an environmentally friendly material suitable for all situations. In addition to being comfortable and fashionable, wool is renewable and recyclable. This puts it in line with the green wardrobe and green living movements that have started up recently in an effort to minimize carbon emissions and maximize the use of renewable resources worldwide.

Alpaca-wear accessories are cute, flirty, fun, stylish, and long-lasting. Alpaca wool’s versatility is legendary and it can be as tightly spun as the finest silk and still retain its strength and lustre, or can be spun to look like fur but with warmth unmatched by any other wool. From sassy hats to fluffy alpaca slippers, alpaca clothing and accessories are gifts of comfort and utility.

Alpaca-wear hats made of 100% baby alpaca fur are a delight to wear and to behold. This fun accessory makes the perfect gift for the lady with a love of luxury and style. These gorgeous hats will be a gift she keeps and wears for years to come.

To demonstrate yet again just how versatile alpaca wear is, long johns of Alpaca are certain to become favorites of him or her. With all the warmth of traditional long johns but with the superior breathability and comfort of alpaca-wear, these 70% baby alpaca wool blended with 30% acrylic long johns are keepers that are bound to make alpaca converts of almost anyone!

Alpaca wear makes a superior gift for the lady or man who deserves something special. You can never go wrong with a fiber that combines the best qualities of wool, synthetics, silk, cashmere, and more and is crafted into elegant fashion accessories, outerwear, or even fun fluffy slippers.

Whatever you want your gift to say, say it with style! Alternatively, just treat yourself to the luxury and elegance of alpaca or the warmth and comfort of unisex alpaca long johns. And don’t forget the teddy bears!